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Who I Am

Fern Logan started her career as a graphic designer and photographer. She worked for several years in the corporate world before moving into the academic arena. In her academic career her work was recognized and received several grants and awards, as well as numerous gallery and museum exhibitions.

The works shown here in the Fern Logan Studio represent a more personal side of the artist. These pieces resonate at a deeper level emerging from a need to recognize the spirit of our life on this planet. These works connect to the joy and excitement of awareness that comes through the knowledge of our unity as a human species.

Why I Make Art

I believe that the practice of art is a spiritual exercise that works best when one is able to approach a meditative state. I literally focus my awareness on a subject and allow the image to materialize. I don’t take photos; they’re given to me. I become an instrument through which awareness becomes manifest. Often art speaks for itself, and when it speaks truthfully, something resonates in both the creator and the viewer.


I realized at a young age that my talent laid in the arts. I was always fascinated with color and light. In recent years I have combined art making technologies. I have used both digital and traditional methods to create art. These techniques add layers to my work both figuratively and actually. I engage in the act of storytelling when I combine images digitally. Expanding the illustrative dialogue in the artwork, allows me to play with symbolism and metaphor. I now have a completely new visual vocabulary at my disposal.

Leaf Pattern Design

Contact Me

Art is an extension of your sprit. I want to make it shine. I can only hope that you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it. Let's connect.


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